Since 2007 KY Health Training (now KY Healthcare Training) has provided hands on skilled care training for healthcare professionals in Lexington Kentucky.
  The KY Healthcare Training staff is a family who's sole purpose is to make each student successful so that they can take the practical skills they learn at KY Healthcare Training back to their local community.
  Our students come from many surrounding states and counties and each have different reason for coming. Some students wish to go immediately into the workforce while others come to fulfill prerequisites to further their healthcare career. Students that have completed our program can be found working on degrees at UK, in local hospitals and in skilled care facilities around the state. We hope you choose to join our class so we can help you succeed in your healthcare career.


  1. Help students receive the skills, knowledge , and certification needed to gain employment in their area of study.
  2. Provide well-equipped classrooms with computers available for testing and labs.
  3. Conduct learning in a positive and professional manner.
  4. Employ instructors that are caring, experienced, dedicated, and knowledgeable in their areas of instruction.
  5. Provide training that is relevant to the individual needs of the student.
  6. Help each student be successful in their new career.
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